Mae TorlaksonWe need to make sure that public safety and emergency services are at the very top of our fiscal priorities. Our police and firefighters must be strongly supported and must be equipped with the best equipment to do their jobs. These brave men and women put their lives on the line every day.

As a neighborhood leader and as a mother of two, I have put the safety needs of my communities first. As a former Neighborhood Watch block captain, I have worked closely with our local police force to keep our streets safe. I understand how important it is to build a working relationship with local law enforcement, firefighters and other public safety groups.

To keep up to date, I will regularly “ride-along” with police officers from my district to see firsthand the challenges they face. I will visit CAL FIRE stations as well as city and county fire departments to see and hear firsthand what resources our firefighters need in order to do their job protecting us. I will be an advocate for providing more funding to our first responders — to enhance our emergency services at all levels with the resources and technology needed. And I will continue to promote Neighborhood Watch programs in our district.