June 14, 2016

PITTSBURG, CA— Today, Ambrose Recreation & Parks District Trustee & Community Leader Mae Cendaña Torlakson issued the following statement in response to the recent sexual assault case at Stanford:”I am outraged at the decision of Judge Aaron Persky to hand down such a light sentence for such a brutal act.

“I read the letter of the Stanford campus rape victim and was deeply moved.

“I believe that it is the duty of every one of us to shine a much larger spotlight on the injustice in this case.  I join this survivor, this thoughtful and brave young woman, and millions more who want to amplify the plea of this survivor to fight for change. We need to work together to dramatically and quickly reduce the assaults, harassment and exploitation of women on our campuses and ultimately eliminate the abuses and the double standards in our justice system.

“It is very upsetting to think that the convicted Stanford  ‘star swimmer’ could be out of jail in just a few months.  The punishment should fit the crime.  The light sentence given to Mr. Turner is an insult to women everywhere.  This delivers the wrong message to society.

“I call on Judge Persky to resign, effective immediately.  And if he choses not to resign, I will put my full weight behind the recall effort.

“A few months ago at a forum of the East Bay Women’s Political Caucus, I stated my determination to deal forcefully and comprehensively with the issues surrounding sexual abuse of women on our college campuses by fellow students and to deal with the numerous tragic incidents of faculty abuse of students.  I will be taking steps in the next few weeks ahead to address the challenges of these issues.”

– Mae Cendaña Torlakson



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