Mae Torlakson and the environment

Environmental protection is a global issue and a personal and community issue. We must collaborate with other states and nations to to combat global warming and other forms of environmental degradation. California has been a leader in environmental protection through progressive policy, regulations and law. We must each do all we can to reduce our carbon footprint and protect our natural resources.

The Environment and Parks

I am a firm believer in the importance of parks and open space in society.  That’s why I have dedicated a decade of my life to serving on the Ambrose Recreation and Park District Board. As a member of the Assembly, I will:

  • Support efforts for a statewide bond measure to fund park, recreation and open space opportunities;
  • Create safe places for our children to go after school, thus helping to eliminate crime in our neighborhoods;
  • Work to ensure that all of our families can grow up with clean air and open space.


The drought has been devastating. We have serious water shortages. We need to take big steps to ensure the future and craft policies that will:

  • Reduce water wastage on all fronts, including personal conservation efforts and agricultural reforms;
  • Incentivize use of technological advances that will increase water efficiency;  
  • Balance agriculture and municipal water conservation to meet our state’s water needs;
  • Expand groundwater management, water recycling, rainwater capture, and grey water solutions.

The Delta

Our precious Delta is at the center of most of the state’s water debates. We must be ever vigilant and united in our efforts to protect the Delta, and I look forward to being a fierce champion in the State Assembly by:

  • Defeating the twin tunnels proposal;
  • Protecting the Delta’s rich fisheries, marsh lands, riverine habitats, and migrating bird populations;
  • Increasing trail access so that all of our residents and visitors can hike, bike, run, fish, and bird watch in the region.