Background Checks on all Gun Sales

mae-torlakson-youth We need to make sure that guns stay out of the hands of dangerous people. In order to do so, we have to increase regulations on who can sell, own, and purchase guns as well as implement stricter laws when it comes to background checks on all gun sales.

The best way to start this process is by increasing screening for everyone involved in the sale of guns, including:

  • Increasing purchaser screening, so that criminals are unable to purchase guns
  • Creating avenues for mental health professionals to advise that certain mentally ill and unstable people are prohibited from purchasing guns until they are re-evaluated
  • Writing legislation that requires mandatory background checks on all gun dealership employees so that everyone who handles guns can be held to the same standards

In the State Assembly, I’ll push for laws that ensure a background check is completed every time someone buys a gun by banning unlicensed private gun sales, permanently closing the gun show loophole, and requiring that in every gun sale the purchaser goes through a rigorous background check.

Crack Down on Gun Trafficking    

Far too often, guns are bought and sold illegally. This not only counteracts any preventative measures in place but also puts our neighborhoods at great risk. We need to crack down on these illegal sales by enacting the following:

  • Harsher punishments for gun traffickers
  • Limit the amount of gun purchases per month to inhibit “straw purchasers.” Too often individuals buy guns in bulk to resell on the streets creating an illegal and dangerous market.


Regulating Production of Guns & Materials from 3-D Printers

With growing technology and technological advancements, individuals are increasingly finding new ways to obtain anything imaginable- including guns and gun materials. With the invention of 3-D printers, more and more guns are being manufactured right in people’s homes. This is not only dangerous but skirts the necessary background check process and could land these weapons in the wrong hands. In the Assembly, I will enact tough regulations to ensure that any print or sale of guns or gun materials goes through the proper channels and passes through the same vigorous screening and background check process of licensed gun retailers.