Transportation and the Economy


It is time for our lawmakers to realize that California must have a modern and well-funded transportation system. California’s transportation needs are enormous.

How many millions of hours are wasted while stuck in traffic congestion? What is the true price tag for having one of the very worst highway systems out of 50 states in terms of the conditions on the roads themselves?

  • Traffic and congestion cost our state’s residents over $30 billion per year. For the poor conditions of our roads, the cost alone for front end alignments and tire wear is over $500 per driver per year – way over what the average is among other states. The backlog of needed improvements and the maintenance to fix our highways and roads is over $100 billion.

Transportation Investments – Voters Choice

Voters deserve a say in how their tax dollars are being used, and they deserve increased oversight committees to guarantee the money is well spent. We need voter approved revenue streams that will get us to work on time, and home faster, and to have safer roads and improvements in our transit systems.

I would like to expand on the following revenue measures:

  • I supported voter approved Measure  C and Measure J in Contra Costa County which used ½ cent in sales taxes to widen and improve SR 4, I-80 and 680, and the fourth bore of the Caldecott Tunnels. Major projects and major improvements were constructed in a responsible and well managed way. The Contra Costa County Transportation Authority is currently working on another ½ cent plan to bring to the voters to generate another $2 to $3 billion in improvements.
  • Solano County cities and the Board of Supervisors are planning a measure for their voters to consider this June. Funds would be under local control and would be targeted to invest in local road needs.